Microsoft Fabric Training

We are Microsoft Certified Microsoft Fabric Experts. Welcome to Our Microsoft Fabric Training Course! Empower yourself with the skills to seamlessly integrate and analyze data across your organization using Microsoft Fabric. This comprehensive training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s unified analytics platform.

Throughout this course, you will embark on a journey from foundational concepts to advanced techniques, covering every aspect of Microsoft Fabric’s capabilities. Whether you're a novice seeking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced user aiming to refine your skills, our training curriculum caters to individuals at all proficiency levels.

Training Journey:

  • Understanding Microsoft Fabric
  • Exploring end-to-end analytics
  • Collabaration of data teams
  • Enabling Microsoft Fabric for your organisation
  • Using Microsoft Fabric

  • Understanding lakehouse
  • Exploring the Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse
  • Working with Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses
  • Exploring and transforming data in a lakehouse
  • Creating and ingesting data in a Lakehouse

  • Understanding Apache Spark
  • Preparing to use Apache Spark
  • Running Spark code
  • Working with data in a Spark dataframe
  • Using Spark SQL for data manipulation
  • Visualizing data in a Spark notebook
  • Analyzing data with Apache Spark

  • Understanding Delta Lake table
  • Creating Delta tables
  • Working with Delta tables in Spark
  • Using Delta tables with streaming data
  • Utilizing Delta tables in Apache Spark

  • Introduction to Semantic Models
  • Creating and Working with Semantic Models
  • Integrating Semantic Models with Power BI
  • Defining Measures
  • Connecting to Fabric from Power BI Desktop
  • Utilizing SQL Endpoint
  • Automatic Report Creation
  • Developing, Updating and Deleting Apps

  • Understanding Data Factory
  • Understanding Pipelines
  • Using the Copy Data activity
  • Applying pipeline templates
  • Running and monitoring pipelines
  • Ingesting data with a pipeline

  • Understanding Dataflow
  • Understanding Dataflows (Gen2) in Microsoft Fabric
  • Exploring Dataflows (Gen2) features
  • Integrating Dataflows (Gen2) with Pipelines
  • Creating and using a Dataflow (Gen2) in Microsoft Fabric

  • Understanding Data warehouse
  • Fundamentals of data warehousing
  • Understanding data warehouses in Fabric
  • Querying and transforming data
  • Preparing data for analysis and reporting
  • Securing and monitoring your data warehouse
  • Analyzing data in a data warehouse

  • Understanding Real-Time Analytics
  • Understanding Synapse Real-Time Analytics
  • Working with KQL databases and tables
  • Writing queries with KQL
  • Exploring Synapse Real-Time Analytics in Fabric

  • Understanding the data science and its process
  • Exploring and processing data
  • Training and scoring models with Microsoft Fabric
  • Data science in Microsoft Fabric

  • Understanding Data Activator
  • Getting started with Data Activator
  • Understanding triggers, conditions, and actions
  • Getting data from PBI Reports and EventStreams
  • Assigning data and creating triggers
  • Using Data Activator in FabricUsing Data Activator in Fabric

  • Introduction to Fabric Administration
  • Understanding Fabric Architecture
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Fabric administrator
  • Managing Fabric security
  • Governing data in Fabric

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